Client Testimonials

Matt has been an excellent partner in building out our leadership team. He took the time to really understand our business and strategy in order to identify the right potential candidates. His team was then great at soliciting feedback after every resume review and interview in order to hone in on exactly the right fit for our needs. In the end, we were able to hire the right team, from both a business and culture standpoint, who have made an immediate impact on our business. I highly recommend working with Matt if you are looking to find world class executive talent!

Trevor J.

Matt and his team hit it out of the park! The entire process was positive – from initial discussions to focus the search on our exact needs, to communication with the candidates, to the hiring. Within a week of engagement we had a pool of excellent candidates for a director level position. Matt has the gift of connecting the right person with the right opportunity.

Karen M.
Chief Scientific Officer

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Matt for almost 20 years and he has successfully staffed countless positions for me during my tenure with 3 different organizations. Matt works hard to understand my precise needs for each open position and provides great insight on the candidates he presents.

Martin S.
President & CEO

Matt Takahashi is extremely well organized, professional, and personable. What distinguishes him is his ability to find well qualified professionals with the right perspective for our role. In working with him recently, we were spoiled for choice with a list of excellent, top talent candidates. Highly recommend Matt and would certainly reach out to him again when the need arises.


Debra G.
VP, Research & Development Program Management

I’ve worked with Matt in recruiting executives on multiple occasions. He has sourced qualified and enthusiastic candidates rapidly. Matt seeks to understand the needs of the organization and matches candidates to them. He’s effective and responsive. I highly recommend him.


Eric E.
Chief Scientific Officer

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Matt in the Biotech/A.I. Industry. He synthesizes the complex into the relatable, and provides 200% for candidates. He is far and away more thorough, professional and hard working than most. If you are seeking an executive level recruit and need a solid and reliable “hunter”, look no further than Matt!


Kristin S.
VP of Sales – AI Solutions

Matt recruited me into my next position. I was impressed that he was able to connect my background with the needs of the company. He was forthright with all the information I needed to make my decision and his experience and insights were a great facilitator in the final negotiations. He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend Matt as a recruiter.


Pin K.
Vice-President of Engineering

Career opportunity and he was a pleasure to work with. Matt is hardworking, responsive and professional. Throughout the interview process he was transparent and guided me well. I would highly recommend Matt to clients and employers.


Padma K.
Business Development Executive – Life Sciences

Typically, being the “recruited” is a grueling process, often times with inconsiderate, condescending recruiters that are clearly looking out for their best interests. Matt helped place me at my latest position and has been unlike any recruiter I have ever met before, going above and beyond supporting me with this process. As a scientist, I appreciated the attention to detail that he provided and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a position or looking to fill a position.


Jennifer G

Director Data Analysis – NGS

Matt Takahashi and his team at Executive BioSearch recruited our Vice President of Sales. We met Matt and he understood the nature of our business and goals to be successful. We developed the parameters, job description and criteria for selecting the best candidate for the opportunity. He provided us candidates with a proven track record of success, building and leading commercial teams in life science. He was transparent and we would partner with him again for future assignments.


James T.

Co-founder, CEO

We completed an important project with Matt in 2016. His experience, effort, tenacity, and professionalism were instrumental to achieving our goal. On top of all that Matt is very personable and it’s fun doing business with him! I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Matt again.


Janet W.

Senior Vice President, Research and Development

I have had the opportunity to work with Matt and his team while at 3 different companies. He is a consummate professional that truly understands the importance of thoroughly defining customer requirements for every search that he undertakes and only presents candidates that meet or exceed expectations in regard to experience and corporate culture alignment.


Matt and his team exhibit industry leading values which I believe are a key contributor to their consistent results.


Elizabeth H.

CEO, Board Director and Executive Chair

I’ve known Matt for a few years now and he just assisted me in making my last transition. Matt’s method for fitting position to individual is un-matched. He truly gets to know you and your career aspirations and does an incredible job of assuring a placement will be a success for both the company and the employee.


His counsel during the process (from making sure you fully understand the position, the company and its trajectory to prepping for interviews to closing) is invaluable and feels more like that of a trusted personal advisor or mentor than a recruiter. Matt clearly tenders his craft as the building of long-term relationships and it shows in his approach and execution.


Landon M.

Director of Scientific Product Management

I recently partnered with Matt as I sought my next opportunity. Not having had to look for a job for quite a number of years as well as not having worked with recruiters before, it was interesting for me to see the vast differences in the quality of many recruiters that are out there.


Matt is on the A Team of recruiters. He has a deep understanding of what the employer is looking for in a candidate and fully vets the candidate out to ensure it is the right fit – for both parties. It is obvious that Matt takes great pride in ensuring that his client and candidate are well suited for each other before the process proceeds to the next step.


Once things began to move Matt stayed in close touch to ensure that I had everything I needed and stayed abreast of the dynamics. He stayed in touch throughout the offer stage and once the position started. I highly recommend Matt as a trusted recruiter who knows what he is doing – and he does this very well.


Mark M. 

Senior Director, Technical Services 

I’ve worked with Matt on several occasions over 10+ years. His firm not only does a great job in finding talented executives, they do so in a professional and personable manner.


Matt is high integrity, understands needs of companies both large and small, and is very hands-on. When you engage Matt he is always on the “front line” of the search. This truly differentiates him from most executive recruiters and results in finding the right talent for the specific situation.


Debbie R.

Human Resources Executive 

Matt was the recruiter who got me into my job. He is very good to work with, and a good go-between to bounce questions and issues off that you might not necessarily say directly to your prospective employer. I met Matt in person. I’m really enjoying my new role – for that I can only be very grateful to Matt for getting me connected with the right job.


Andy W. 

Chief Commercial Officer 

Matt was a pleasure to work with throughout the hiring and negotiation process. I found him very professional, respectful, and knowledgeable in all aspects of the company with whom I was speaking. I would recommend Matt to any hiring managers as well as those who are seeking employment.


Tom T.

VP Business Development

In the capacity of various senior management positions at two different companies, I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Matt Takahashi and his firm, Executive BioSearch, Inc., to help me seek out and hire quality candidates. Mr. Takahashi is the consummate professional; he is fair in his negotiations and always takes the time to understand my company’s needs and the requirements of the position before embarking on a search, or recommending a candidate.


Unlike many other recruiters with which I have worked, Mr. Takahashi listens closely to my wishes, and then acts upon them. He and his firm work diligently on my behalf, and he has consistently provided me with high quality candidates that met or exceeded my acceptance criteria. His assessment of candidates is both honest and accurate. More importantly, he is more concerned with finding the candidate that meets my criteria rather than presenting a sub-standard candidate that may be currently available. This is a quantum leap from the majority of recruiters working today, and it has been much appreciated.


Because Mr. Takahashi thoroughly screens candidates before bringing them to my attention, he has saved me time and effort, and ultimately provides a good value for my company. No candidate that Mr. Takahashi has ever presented, and I have hired, has ever failed in their new role. I will continue to use Mr. Takahashi in the future, would recommend he and his firm highly.


Pete L. 

Pharmaceutical / Medical Device Service Provider 

Thank you for all your assistance in our hunt for a new National Sales Manager. The guidance and insight you brought to the search was very appreciated and helped us move forward quickly when our team was without a leader.


Your representation of Executive BioSearch was both professional and courteous. I would highly recommend you and your organization to any of your potential clients for a number of reasons. In particular, let me list a few: Your experience in the life science industry along with your multiple contacts in this field afforded you a good understanding of our needs and the quality of the candidates available. It was easy to communicate our requirements and you clearly understood our needs. This led to providing a list of quality candidates that met the basic requirements we had outlined for the position.


The list was better than anticipated. In addition, your suggestions for telephone pre-interviews really helped move the process along and get to the “real contenders” in very short order. I was extremely impressed with your honesty and candor when reviewing candidates. Your “tell it like it is” style left no doubt in which direction to proceed and really saved time. I have gone the route of hiring ourselves and after this experience would not make that decision again.


Your candidate has now been on the job for six months. I am extremely pleased with his performance and ability to step directly into the position and begin moving the sales team forward without skipping a beat. In fact, his sales team is consistently running 10-13% above plan. The return on investment for using Executive BioSearch is self-evident. Not only are we running above plan, but also we continue to upgrade our sales staff’s abilities and knowledge.


Without hesitation, I would use Executive BioSearch, and you in particular, again. Thanks again for your professional assistance and good luck in your endeavors.


Gary B.

Global Director

Nobody likes the task of looking for a new role. However, in a recent transition I was very glad to work with Matt as he made the process much more streamlined. His friendly manner and insightful counsel brought my search to a satisfactory end very quickly and I would be glad to work with him again in the future.


David F. 

Senior Product Marketing Manager 

I enjoyed working with Matt during my recent search for a new candidate to join my team. His pre-screening of the candidates, prompt collection of feedback, and ability to modify search criteria on the fly was extremely helpful. He took the time to explore our needs for the position and the organization as a whole, and that resulted in a terrific experience in finding the right candidate for the team.


Chris C.

Senior Director, Marketing & Scientific Applications

Executive BioSearch spent a lot of time researching exactly what the needs of our business were and what skills that the candidates required in terms of technical as well as the business commercial skills.


We continued to refine our requirements as we went through our process. We had continuous feedback and I that helped us arrive at the ideal candidate for us. The candidate we hired has met our expectations and has been fully trained. He had an immediate impact and closed some deals as our Director of Business Development. We had a very good experience and Matt and his team were very helpful and helping us select the best candidate for our company. I would recommend them to other people as well.


John K.

Biotech / Pharmaceutical Services Provider 

I’ve worked with several recruiting companies and I would place Matt alongside with the best I’ve worked with. The key characteristics are a promptness to the situation and listening to the client focusing on the key activities at the right time.


Matt was a very good listener I think that he asks some very good questions. He tried to understand the situation and get feedback and he took the steps appropriately. I would rate his understanding and listening skills as very high. I would rate him very high during the hiring negotiations and his timeliness met our expectations.


His follow-through was excellent and the Director of Business Development we hired is doing excellent. He impressed the people that he met with and is very keen to join the business. Matt helped me get placed into a great new position. Throughout the hiring process, Matt provided me with the information needed to be well prepared for interviews and calls. I enjoyed working with Matt and would recommend Matt to both employers and job searchers.


Brian Q.
Senior Director – Product Marketing 

Executive BioSearch did a very good job for us. they out performed the other recruiters that were working on the position. They spent a lot of time finding out exactly what we were looking for in a candidate in terms of background, experience, availability for travel, etc.


We felt that our search was a difficult one because there was not a very large candidate pool with the qualifications we were looking for. Not only were we looking for a specific skill set, selling style, and amount of sales experience, we also needed candidates that had a working knowledge of our company’s technology and it’s markets. Many sales people have experience with drug discovery, HTS, or chromatography. But we needed people who could sell in the markets related to nucleic and oligo nucleotide products, PCR and sequencing.


Executive BioSearch understood how important this was and delivered the appropriate candidates. The candidates that were presented had been screened very well and were more qualified than those we got from other recruiters. It saved us a lot of time and they were very prompt and professional in handling the search. Again, the amount of time they took to understand our needs, saved us a lot of time in the search process.


Chris B.

Life Science Supplier

We felt that Matt presented good candidates. It seemed as though he really had screened them well, he talked to them enough to understand their personal style. Matt did not just bring forth resumes he had on file.


He summarized the candidate’s experience accurately. Matt was honest with me when he felt that a candidate might be lacking. He understood what we were looking for – and he delivered it.


Richard G.

Scientific Applications